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Dr. Jason Wilson (he/him/his)

Dr. Jason Wilson (he/him/his)

Jason Wilson, MD, PhD, CPE, FACEP is an academic healthcare leader and medical anthropologist with an interest in developing patient-centered pathways that are medically efficacious but also consider the role of structural and cultural forces in determining health inequities and disparities.

Overall this approach reconsiders the role and position of the emergency department and how medicine can address social determinants of health by creating new assemblages of care and placement of anthropologists directly into the clinical space.

Current work includes the creation of syndemic interventions to solve complex healthcare problems, the development and treatment of anticoagulation and bleed reversal pathways, pathways that improve the ED based treatment of patients with sickle cell disease, HIV/HCV screening, HIV/HCV linkage and expansion of harm reduction programs to identify, link, and/or treat HIV and HCV even in the emergency department and proximate community through ED based prehospital programs, as well as the stabilization and linkage to care of patients with opioid use and other substance use disorders. Dr. Wilson plays a significant role in the operational management and design of process flow of the ED at Tampa General Hospital. He was highly engaged in the response to Covid-19 in the hospital and community, appearing over 100 times on TV, internet based platforms and radio.

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